Today we kickoff a giveaway. will be giving away a free copy of Dr. John Pegano’s book; Healing Psoriasis, The Natural Alternative, the drug-free program that really works! The sweepstakes ends January 31.  This is a special offer because throughout the month of February, will be devoted to discussing psoriasis, different ways to … [Read more…]

5 Habits to Get Rid of

We Have A Choice to Make Whether we want to lose weight or save money, we have a choice to make. It all starts with our habits. This post contains affiliate links. Habits, good and bad, we all have them! 5 good habits that I try to practice everyday 1- Eat sensibly. Never go on a … [Read more…]

Treats For My Sweets

               Happy Valentine’s Day Let’s go ahead and start off with a chocolate treat. Chocolate covered pretzels are a very easy and inexpensive treat to make. The kids can even do it! Just think about how much you would pay for them at the store, these homemade ones are half the … [Read more…]

Snow Day Activities

Ideas For a Fun Filled Snow Day Here are some things that my family likes to do when we’re all stuck in because of the snow! First off, we love the snow! Well maybe not my husband so much because he has more to do than just have fun in the snow. Actually when he … [Read more…]

Cake and Organization……….what!!

Hi guys, amidst the ‘new year, refresh my healthy eating habits’ we just had to have a birthday, with cake and everything! I did pretty well with the whole moderation thing! I am very proud of myself.  How is everyone else faring with their improvements list for the new year? Today is my husband’s birthday, … [Read more…]

Improvements…still workin’ on ’em………..

 Hello Friends, Tara here with a cup of relaxation, which happens to be coffee right now.  This blogging gig is going to have me drinking way too much of the stuff.  But I do love coffee! I know it is kinda late in the afternoon for coffee; hope I can sleep tonight. Speaking of sleep, did you … [Read more…]