Snow Day Activities

Ideas For a Fun Filled Snow Day

Here are some things that my family likes to do when we’re all stuck in because of the snow!

First off, we love the snow! Well maybe not my husband so much because he has more to do than just have fun in the snow. Actually when he was a four-wheeling guy, he enjoyed putting the snow blade on the four-wheeler and pushing the snow into piles. But my daughter and I hated that because it didn’t leave much snow for playing around in. Guess what, it is time for snow again and the four-wheeler is gone. Much to our chagrin, he does have his eye on another one. Not cool.

Well, anyway let’s get to the fun stuff….

and this is usually the order in which we do things, if we have the energy and of course if we get a decent snowfall.

*take a walk


It is so nice to get out after a fresh snowfall, or even better when it is still falling. Everything seems so peaceful! I live in plain view of the mountains and it is breathtaking to see all the snow-covered trees and mountains. I also live on a farm, so there are wide open spaces to enjoy.

* go sledding, snowboarding and/or tubing…..

I only wish I had a picture of my daughter trying to help me snowboard last winter, it was hilarious! And kinda painful. But we both love sledding, either together or in our own toboggan. It doesn’t matter. This can go on for hours if the temperatures aren’t too low. Last year we started going sledding at dark. Of course, we have floodlights to help us out, but there is something way cool about going sledding at night. Plus you are not blinded by the sun and snow together!

* have snowball fights…

We have gadgets that form three snowballs at a time and then will catapult them in the air. So one of us is not without snowballs, while the other one has a store of them ready to thrash their opponent, evens up the battle a little. Sometimes it’s spur of the moment and sometimes it’s an all-out war. Usually we’re waiting for my husband to come out the door so we can ambush him!! When it is time for a snowball battle, we like to build a wall of snow, or either just use our sled, in front of us, make sure we have an arsenal of snowballs and then start hailing them through the air.

Now let’s move the fun indoors…

It is such a chore getting undressed from all of your snow stuff, especially if you are planning to go back out. Our trick is to put the snow stuff in the dryer! Come on, it’s a special day, a snow day, who cares if you have to run your dryer all day!! Plus you don’t have to find space to hang all of the wet clothes.

After getting the outside clothes taken care of, and changing into something warm and dry, the fun begins inside.

*we always have hot cocoa and sometimes we make popcorn. I like to make homemade cocoa on the stove, or in the microwave from scratch. The packets just aren’t up to par. It takes a few minutes extra but it is oh so scrumptious and I like to recognize all of the ingredients in my treats. I also prefer to have air popped popcorn, which makes it a healthier snack. Sometimes we even add chocolate chips or m&ms into our popcorn bowl!! YUMMY!!





Here is a recipe for Hot Cocoa that you might enjoy; I always use a different size mugs and fix this to taste, but these are the ingredients I use; my daughter prefers regular 2% cow’s milk or coconut milk. Hint: take out of the microwave and stir a 30 second intervals, sometimes the cocoa powder is hard to mix in all the way.

Cocoa powder

Vanilla Extract

Almond Milk



Ok, now that we have our snack taken care of….

* watch movies, here are some of the ones we like and even though Christmas is past we love to watch them any time.

1. “Road to Avonlea”

2. “Anne of Green Gables” (we still have it on VHS, need to switch to a DVD)

3. “White Christmas”

4. “Christmas in Connecticut”

5. “Home Alone”

We have Dish DVR and we use the heck out of it, so we have plenty of movie options!

* read.

But only if we really want to be alone. Something about a Snow day brings us all together though! I usually make regular trips to the public library in the winter. But if I have not been in a while, I know that I can use the Kindle app on my IPad.

After the break, it is time to make cookies. Nothing too fancy, in years past it has been a store-bought cookie mix, just because of the convenience. But this year I plan to have homemade cookie mix in the freezer just for these occasions, because making sweet treats on a Snow day is just a given, right!! I’ve had success with Lauren J’s sugar cookie recipe, so I think I’ll stick with it. Head on over to and check it out.

Lastly, if we are not all tuckered out, we go back outside!! If we’re really lucky, tomorrow will be another Snow day.

Try any of these activities and I know you’ll have just as much fun on your next Snow day!

Cheers to you and Happy Winter!

Now I am really wishing for a snowfall!

Don’t forget to take time out to relax a spell!

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