Improvements…still workin’ on ’em………..

 Hello Friends, Tara here with a cup of relaxation, which happens to be coffee right now.  This blogging gig is going to have me drinking way too much of the stuff.  But I do love coffee! I know it is kinda late in the afternoon for coffee; hope I can sleep tonight. Speaking of sleep, did you get the chance to read about the 3 improvements I wanted to  work on for this week. They are listed in my last post, check it out! Did you come up with any small improvements you might want to make this week? Keep in touch and we can encourage each other! At the moment, the comment section is not working the way I want, but the email is . Just another thing to add to my “improvements to work on” list

One of my changes was to be in bed by 9:00 (school nights).  I have successfully managed that one change, for a couple of nights anyway.  I didn’t say I was asleep by nine, no way, try three hours later.  I resisted the urge to get up and look at some kind of screen, be it t.v or ipad or computer. So I just laid there. I did doze off at one point but that doesn’t really count because I didn’t stay asleep very long.

Another change I am working on is not neglecting my dirty dinner dishes. Since I am a stay-at-home mom at this point, I don’t really mind saving my dishes until the next morning. But guess what, even then I put them off till later in the day until finally it is dinnertime again and I have two nights worth of dishes.  Nobody else has that problem, right! By the way, I have no dishwasher!!!!! SO SAD! Anyway, I have to confess that I am not really rockin’ that change. But I’ll keep trying!

Ok, so my last improvement was to eat sensibly, I know that is very liberal! I haven’t pigged out on anything, and that has to account for something, right.  So I’ll keep working on that too.

Cheers to you!

P.S.  Next week I will introduce a way to keep clutter off of your bathroom sink! (which is another improvement I want to work on, kinda tricky when you don’t have much space.)


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